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Serendipity 7 - Banded Agate Enameled Talisman Necklace

This necklace is a marriage of corrugated oxidized copper, vivid enameled glass on copper, healing natural stones, leather cords and hand-crafted sterling findings & clasp.
The talismans I create embrace geometry and ancient healing symbolism into colorful, modern, meaningful designs. Treat them as healing amulets which serve as "mindfulness reminders," helping you back into connection with yourself, with others and with Mother Nature. Each piece is unique, hand made and infused with love and care.
My mission is to celebrate who you are, as you are, and empower you to become the beautiful, strong & unique person you are.
  • Copper, enamel glass, quality natural stones, sterling silver, leather cords 
  • Copper shapes are hand formed, corrugated and oxidized, some are enameled with vitreous glass powders
  • Hand fabricated sterling bail, findings and clasp
  • 36” long, including pendant
  • Featuring Banded Agate - Agate is used to increase one's level of self-confidence and give courage during trying times. This gemstone is believed to give you mental strength. It helps you to keep calm and carry on no matter what challenges you may face
  • Only one available, ready to ship

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