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"My jewelry collections are designed according to my belief that the jewelry you wear reflects a part of who you are, tells your story, and allows you to celebrate your uniqueness"

Have you ever looked at a necklace you have on and instantly feel loved, joy and connected to someone? Have you ever felt a bit stronger, a bit more confident wearing a certain jewelry piece?

I certainly have, and I suspect you have too.

There are times when I need that extra boost of self confidence, happiness and love to carry me forward & achieve my goals for the day.

I believe jewelry has the power to transform the person who is wearing it, and the power to connect you to something or someone you cherish. But more than that, it carries the personal stories that are captured within the pieces. The sentimental associations of love, friendship, celebration, remembrance that render a piece so personal, cherished and priceless to all of us. Deep down, I believe we all are interconnected, and we all desire to be a part of something else bigger than ourselves. I believe connection is the key to our happiness & kindness. Everything I make is inspired by my desire to connect people to nature, and people to people. Through each beautifully handcrafted piece, I encourage you to be independent, strong, kind and joyful.

So go ahead ...
Be Unique
Be Great
Be Beautiful
Be Invincible
Be Special
Be Loved

My Story

I now live in the U.S., but I was born in Saigon, South Vietnam, where I was raised until I was almost 16. At the end of the Vietnam war, my family and I came to the U.S. as war refugees. We had lost and given up everything we held dear and familiar for a chance at freedom and independence.

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved making with my hands and sharing my creations with others. My mother has always been my biggest influence and inspiration. Like her, I highly value independence and am very resourceful and creative. Like her, I love to help and nurture others.

My passion for jewelry making started when I went back to work full time once my two children were of school age. I needed an outlet to grow my creativity after my 9 to 5 corporate work. Like a magpie, I have always liked collecting rocks, sticks, and gemstones - items that are unusual or sparkling. I remembered the immense pleasure I felt when I was little, spending all day stringing colorful beads together, and going through my mother's jewelry box. Those happy memories fueled my decision to design and make jewelry to bring joy to my clients. Coming from an Asian culture where a career in the arts is not usually encouraged, I never dreamed that one day I would be able to pursue it full time. It was not until 2015, when my children were out on their own, did I have the courage to resign from my professional position and fully embrace my jewelry design business.

Whether it be helping you designing your special proposal moment or celebrate a milestone like an anniversary, birthday or graduation with a Snow Orchid Designs piece, I want to be there for you and work with you always.

My Business Name

You say what’s in a name? It’s Everything!

I owe a lot to my mother. Thanks to her, I learned that independence is key to one's happiness, and that tenacity, resilience, confidence and kindness can and will overcome anything. The first word of my business name is in her honor. SNOW is English for her first name, Tuyết.

The second word of my business name, ORCHID, is in honor of my Asian culture. Furthermore, Orchid is a symbol of exotic beauty, which we each possess. It represents love, refinement, thoughtfulness and mature charm. It also symbolizes proudness and glorious femininity.

Who would you like to encourage or honor today? It’s also okay to take care of yourself.