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Round Turquoise Triangle Ring

Adored for centuries, Turquoise stones have been carved and set into everything from royal thrones and daggers to jewelry and cups. The Egyptians believed the Turquoise crystal brought good fortune and made them invulnerable. They carved the stone into symbolic jewelry and statues, such as their scarab pectorals. Turquoise is believed to guide you to a state of calm and tranquility, which can aid in stress relief and as a shield against negative energies.

  • Natural blue Turquoise, set in a fine silver bezel, embellished with a beaded wire around the stone 
  • Hand shaped triangular sterling silver base 
  • Ring top is 13/16" x 13/16"
  • 4mm wide sterling silver shank. Size 6.75
  • Each jewelry piece is hand fabricated with love and care in my Montana studio
  • One of a kind piece, ready to be shipped