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Imperial Boomerang Enameled Necklace

Imperial Boomerang Enameled Necklace

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Jewelry to celebrate my Asian origin and my love for the rich silk brocade in imperial costumes of long ago. Red symbolizes good fortune and joy. Black symbolizes the power of water. White symbolizes brightness and purity. Gold yellow symbolizes freedom and prestige. 

  • Copper, enamel glass, 18" sterling chain (longer chain possible)
  • Cut and shaped from 100% copper sheeting, sifted on enamel glasses and fired in a kiln 
  • Base is lightly flame painted with a torch for a rich patina. Flowers are slightly domed and fired with a layer of rich enamel glass. A dusting layer of gold luster is applied to the flowers and they get a second firing. Flowers are then riveted to the copper base
  • Pendant size is 3 inch long and 3/4" tall at its tallest point

More Details

  • Each jewelry piece is hand fabricated with love and intention in my Montana studio. Expect slight variation from picture as each piece is unique 
  • Arrives in a cotton padded box and ribbon. Treat yourself or a loved one! 
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