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Small Teardrop Amazonite Wing Earrings

Amazonite is a stone for hope.

Its name comes from the lovely blue-green hues similar to what one would find in various bodies of water. Even though it’s not located close to the legendary river, it has been found in areas throughout the Amazon. Use this hope stone to pursue hopefulness, you can overcome obstacles and meet challenges head-on. Any doubts and worries you may have will be replaced with confidence, positive energy and optimism to guide you every step of the way in your daily life. 

  • Natural blue green Amazonite, set in a fine silver scalloped bezel 
  • Hand shaped wing sterling silver base 
  • Base is 7/8" tall x 5/8" wide
  • Hang about 1 and 3/8" from hand formed sterling ear wires
  • Weighs about 3g each
  • Each jewelry piece is hand fabricated with love and intention in my Montana studio
  • One of a kind piece, ready to be shipped